"Creating is Necessary therapy for me."

When I was a child my grandfather would take me into this large room in his basement where he kept his lifelong collection of trains that he built. From the floor to the ceiling trains displayed on the walls. He would tell me unique stories behind each build giving everyone their deserved identity.

The train room had a calming aura. I knew these trains had value that couldn’t be validated by a price tag. About 7 years ago I reached a point in my life where I needed to calm down and be still. I thought about that train room and decided to create my sanctuary one stitch at a time. With minimal tools, just a needle and thread. I transferred all my experiences and energy into every piece. I don’t consider myself a designer or a fashion expert of any kind. I just find that creation is necessary therapy for me. If I don’t turn my thoughts and ideas into something tangible then I will lose them to time.

When you wear a 996+ piece I hope you feel a human connection to it. That connection is evidence of transferable energy, clothes as a conduit of soul.

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